Social commitment

The social commitment program in Kalfrisa has the objective to advance towards solidarity and support to socially disadvantaged sectors, so developing different cooperation agreements with NGO’s. Our aim is to contribute to the common good, stating the principles of solidarity and respect for ethical values, the community and environment that lead companies towards quality and excellence.

Kalfrisa has decided to cooperate with the NGO Aldeas Infantiles exchanging its AVE Club europuntos for the benefit of this NGO. With our contribution we hope to support the fight against marginalization and child neglect and give hope back to many children in a SOS family and a balanced home where they can grow up, assuring a better future. Kalfrisa wants to board the train of social responsibility.

Kalfrisa usually cooperates with ASPANOA, Association of Parents of oncology children in Aragon. Within its campaign “Let’s score a goal to cancer”, the association gives our staff tickets for the charity football game that takes place in Romareda and where Real Zaragoza and Spanish Selection veterans play.

We have joined the campaign “Ibercaja Foreign Trade 2010”, so that 20% of our international transfer commissions, even issued or received, will be assigned to the NGO Cruz Roja.

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Aldeas infantiles
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