DUVAL furnaces

The design of the Duval crematories respects the spiritual quiet and solemnity of the environment they are installed in.

The crematory does not require handling by specialized personnel and needs minimal maintenance. Duval furnaces provide an immaculate environment with no odours, low noise level and in harmony with decor. They help to care for the environment and are pioneer in Spain in integral gas scrubbing.


Cremation assisted by a programmable automaton. Three cremation processes, from 40 min. for cemetery remains to 120 min. for big bodies, and the option of inputting personalized programs. Ash refinement simultaneous to another cremation in adjacent chamber, with no possibility of the ashes being mixed. Strict compliance with environmental regulation. Treatment of gases. Scrubbing of the gases in double combustion chamber. Assured draught. Continuously controlled forced draught. Automatic stoppage after two hours of operation without the need for operator action. Burner operation suspended when doors are opened. Option of manual operation.

Kilns for cemetery waste

Gases cleaning

  • Weight: 11Tm.
  • Electrical supply:3 X 380 V + N + E – 50 Hz.
  • Total electrical output: 10 KW.
  • Dimensions of the input door: 900 X 800 mm.
  • Maximum heat output of burners: 600 KW
  • Option of natural gas: Consumption per cremation: 30 m3.
  • Diesel option: Consumption per cremation: 30 litres.