Pyrolytic incinerators for cemetery waste

PS/CM series pyrolytic incinerators have been developed by Kalfrisa to guarantee an efficient destruction of cemetery waste.

The large dimensions of the pyrolysis chamber allow the introduction of big sized waste without a previous cutting up.

The high power of burners permits the calcinations of bone remains.

  • Automatic working
  • High reliability
  • Easy handling
  • Health and safety in operation
  • Low cost of maintenance
  • Totally transparent and odourless fumes
crematorios de animales
Model Pyrolysis chamber volume (m3) Length (mm) Width (mm) (A) Height (mm) (B) Weight (Kg) (C) Incineration capacity (Kg/h)
PS/CM-1 1 1.900 1.200 4.500 4.850 60
PS/CM-1,5 1,5 2.850 1.600 4.900 6.900 90
PS/CM-3 3 3.000 2.000 6.500 9.400  150
(A) This height includes the postcombustor, with the possibility of a vertical or horizontal performance, depending on the needs of the installation.

(B) This weight refers to the kiln without accessories.

(C) The incineration capacity refers to waste with a l.c.v. of 1.500/2.500 Kcal/Kg.