VOC’s concentration


In cases where VOC’s concentrations are low and the flow rates are high, the resulting designs are large equipment, which implies a large economic investment and high gas consumption.

To avoid this drawbacks, equipment complementary to the oxidizer called rotoconcentradores of zeolites can be installed. These devices reduce the flow to be treated in the RTO and increase the concentration of pollutants above the level of self-thermicity, so optimizing the design of the equipment and its operational costs.

This system has two advantages to be highlighted:

  • When decreasing the flow to be cleaned by the RTO, the equipment will have a smaller size, and consequently a lower price.
  • When increasing the concentration of the stream to be purified compared to the initial one, the mixture will be autothermic, so there will be no fuel consumption during the standard operation of the equipment
Concenrtación de COVs