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Desde 19/06/2018

Kalfrisa has established a new productive center for the expansion of its activity in Polígono Malpica, located at the East of Zaragoza. These are industrial land and a three levels premises covering 8.000 m2.
The opening of this new production center means to expand the actual productive capacity of Kalfrisa, so adapting to the current needs of manufacture of heat recovery systems, air or gases heating, gases thermal and incineration equipment with a final aim to maintain quality and service standards the actual market requires.
This new productive center is located at:
Polígono Malpica
Calle D, número 65
50016 Zaragoza
Tfno. +34 976 470940
Fax. +34 976 471595


Desde 28/05/2018

Kalfrisa once again guarantees the emissions of a cremation kiln according to the strict French regulations. In the town of Pont-à-Mousson, in the north of France, Kalfrisa will adapt the existing model X5 / F kiln with the necessary equipment so that its gas emissions meet the environmental requirements of the neighboring country.

A new Kalfrisa cremation kiln is put into operation.

Desde 28/05/2018

A new Kalfrisa cremation kiln is put into operation, at Funeraria El Ferreiro in the municipality of La Espina (Asturias).

On December 21st, 2017, the cremation kiln model Merkur of El Ferreiro Funeral Home was launched. The owner and manager of the facility, Fernando José Vega, has shown his satisfaction for being able to give this service to the residents of La Espina and its surroundings. This new installation responds to the demand of citizens who were forced to move to other places.

With this kiln, Funeraria El Ferreiro seeks to offer the quality service that has always characterized them. It also meets the legal requirements of the sector and the needs of a society that, according to statistics, will reach 70 percent cremation services within ten years.

International Fair in La Habana (Cuba).

Desde 15/11/2017

KALFRISA participated, for the fourth year running and jointly with the company Crymsa as a partner in the Caribbean country, in the 35th International Fair in La Habana (FIHAV). Kalfrisa operates in Cuba with cremation kilns, waste kilns and equipment for tobacco curing. 

FIHAV is the most important multisector trade fair in Cuba and it is considered to be between the most representative ones in Latin America and the Caribbean. FIHAV has more than 27.000 m2 of exhibition area with 3.800 foreign exhibitors from 73 countries, 25 official delegations from several countries and 85 Chambers of Commerce and trade organizations. Visitors reached up to 150.000 during 5 days. 

Kalfrisa joins the Energy Cluster in Aragon.

Desde 12/09/2017

37 companies, organizations and institutions, between them, Kalfrisa, have been the first to join the Energy Cluster in Aragon, during the event with the presence of Marta Gastón, Counsellor of Economy, Industry and Employment of Government of Aragon. 

As mentioned by the Cluster Provisional President Joaquín Cezón, current spokesperson of the commission of Industry of Commerce Chamber in Zaragoza, the target of the group is to add forces to grow and encourage innovation.  

Source: Heraldo de Aragón 

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