Equipment specially designed for air heating of premises.With the help of a burner, they produce a flame that heats a combustion chamber. Gases coming out from combustion go through a tubular heat exchanger made of embedded plate elements with a wide exchanging surface and are collected in a fumes drum to afterwards go out to the atmosphere through the stack. Air circuit which is totally apart from the gases circuit. The powerful and silent centrifugal fans, operated by an electrical engine and fitted on a rack with silent-blocks, draw ambient air through the grates and impell it to get the heat around the combustion chamber. Afterwards, the air still gets warmer when passing next to the heat exchanger and finally goes out to the environment, through a grated air diffusion unit or the ducts.


Air temperature increase: 45 ºC approx.

Thermal efficiency over 85%

Officially approved for gaseous fuel


  • Both sides air draught and noiseless centrifugal fans.
  • Combustion chamber made of hihgly resistant to heat steel sheet.
  • Air outlet through horizontal/vertical switch grates.
  • Double adjustable thermostat acting as a safety device in the burner as well as for the connection or disconnection in the fan.
  • Electric switchboard installed in the equipment and fitted with all switches for routine working in winter or summer conditions.
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