Agricultural process heaters

Compact Heaters


Our agricultural process heaters are suitable for drying and dehydration. These equipment can be used in many fields, such as commercial dryers: nuts dryers, dehydration chambers, hops dryers, etc.

The main requirement is that the working temperature does not exceed 80ºC.

In certain processes operating points, that a standard heating equipment cannot cover, are necessary.

  • High pressure losses
  • High air flows
  • High working temperatures
  • Sites with special conditions
  • Other requirements

For sepecial requirements we offer an equipment made up  of the combustion chamber and the LT-C heat exchanger, with this with the possibility of:

  • Adapting any fan
  • Horizontal or vertical installation 
  • Creating air ducts and hoppers to the fan or connection point
  • Selecting the type of burner and fuel (natural gas, LPG or diesel)
  • Supply the electrical panel according to the system requirements
Fields of application
  • Dryers for nuts
  • Dryers for hops
  • Drying tunnels
  • Surface treatments
  • Drying of industrial components

Criteria for use

  • Working temperatures up to 80ºC
  • Indirect heating of air
  • Recirculated or clean air
  • Industrial or agrifood drying


Calentadores compactos altas temperaturas