The quality of our service has become a key objective in our organisation.

Our commitment to quality

Our commitment to quality

Maintain a level of excellence in our activity, certified by the highest and most recognized quality standards, especially focused on the areas involved in customer service.

kalfrisa servicios mantenimiento
kalfrisa servicios mantenimiento

Customer satisfaction

KALFRISA has implemented, within the framework of quality as a business strategy, the customer satisfaction measurement program. The results so far show a hugely positive assessment on the part of our clients both in relation to the purchased product and the management system as a whole, up to 96% overall satisfaction.

Quality Policy

KALFRISA believes that quality is an essential factor for the success of the company and that each person in the organization is responsible for the function he/she performs.

For this reason, we make available to everyone the KALFRISA “Quality Policy” document.



The Aragon Social Responsibility Plan was created with the aim of promoting business and corporate social responsibility in the self-employed, companies and all types of public and private organizations in the Autonomous Community of Aragon, so that they implement and apply socially responsible practices. In general, honesty, fairness and integrity are the most important criteria for any organization that wants to act in a socially responsible manner. Awareness, engagement, training and transparency are the concepts that should be maintained. Social responsibility is about respecting the environment and benefiting the surrounding community to add value to a company's actions.

AENOR IQNET certificación Kalfrisa

ISO 9001:2015 certification

The ISO 9001:2015 certification is the result of KALFRISA S.A.U.'s effort to offer an optimal level of service, implementing a work philosophy regulated by both external and internal quality standards, in the activities of design and supply of equipment, plants and technologies for heat recovery, air or gas heating, incineration and reduction of volatile organic compounds (covs).

Download here the Quality Management System Certificate ER-0488/2016 from AENOR certifying that KALFRISA S.A.U. has a quality management system in compliance with ISO 9001:2015.



In search of business excellence, Kalfrisa has obtained the seal that certifies the company as an INNOVATIVE SME (awarded by the Ministry of Science and Innovation).

Reliability and knowledge are two fundamental pillars in KALFRISA for the design and development of its products. Therefore, this seal distinguishes KALFRISA S.A.U. as a company that is committed to innovation, not only as a key factor for business development but also for social growth.

ISO 3834

ISO 3834-2:2021 Certification

The ISO3834-2:2021 certification, together with the ISO9001:2015 management system, provides KALFRISA S.A.U. with a framework of best practices and the necessary controls throughout the entire value chain, from design and material selection to final execution, welding and inspection, guaranteeing the quality and safety of the manufactured product.

sello AD-2000-Merkblatt

AD2000 Certification - Merkblatt HP0

The AD2000 - Merkblatt HP0 certification is an internationally recognized standard that establishes the technical and quality requirements for the design, manufacturing, testing, final inspection and supply of heaters, pressure equipment and heat recovery units commercialized by KALFRISA S.A.U.



As of February 16, 2024, Kalfrisa is one of 6,000 pressure equipment manufacturers in more than 70 countries around the world certified with ASME and one of the few accredited in our community.