KALFRISA is a privately owned industrial company, located in Zaragoza, with 59 years of international experience.

Our technological and innovative solutions for energy saving and environmental protection respond to the needs of our customers. We offer an integral service that includes design, manufacturing, assembly, start-up and maintenance of our equipment.


Our Technological Solutions:

  • Energy Recovery for High Temperature Processes.
  • Process air heating for industrial applications.
  • Treatment and elimination of polluting emissions.
  • Waste recovery.
  • Heat treatment of industrial and hazardous farm waste. Incineration processes.
  • Cremation equipment for the funeral and pet sectors.


To offer innovative technological solutions that allow our clients to obtain significant energy savings and comply with environmental commitments, based on the professional and technical development of their employees.


To be worldwide leaders in the design and application of technology aimed at improving energy efficiency, waste elimination and environmental protection in various industrial sectors, based on technological and professional development.


To have a positive impact on society and contribute to the achievement of the SDGs through our technological solutions.


Companies, like people, have a number of elements that define and distinguish them. These elements are encompassed in a category called corporate values of the company.

  • Innovation.
  • Passion
  • Learning
  • Adaptability

KALFRISA S.A.U. was born from the merger of Talleres de Calderería José Claver Pros and Fabricación de Cocinas Izuzquiza Arana S.A., as a company included in the Industrial Development Pole of the sixties.

1965 - 1975

Industrial refrigeration, industrial heating and kitchens

From 1965 to 1975 the company was involved in the fields of industrial refrigeration, industrial heating (under a German KLEINEWEFERS licence), and manufacture of industrial kitchens (under a French ROSIERES licence).

The end of this period saw the company withdraw from its industrial refrigeration activities.

1975 - 1981

Industrial heating and industrial kitchens

In the period between 1975 and 1981, KALFRISA focused on the fields of industrial heating and industrial kitchens. A boost was given to all matters heat recovery systems and air heaters for various industrial activities under a KLEINEWEFERS licence.

KALFRISA began to develop these new products in its engineering office and roll them out, first in the national market and later internationally, thus creating a very significant client portfolio that remains to this day.


Industrial kitchens no more

In 1982, in concert with the new shareholdings (with KLEINEWEFERS in the majority), KALFRISA stopped working on industrial kitchens.


In 1982, KALFRISA developed a new product in its engineering offices: facilities specialising in the curing of light tobacco.


In addition to enhancing the previous activities, the latter half of the eighties saw the introduction of new technology to produce equipment for heat-processed waste destruction - whether solid, liquid or gas - acquiring significant experience and the necessary technical know-how to meet the growing demand arising from the new and demanding environmental regulations.

Equipment for heat-processed waste destruction



In 1990, KRAFTANLAGEN HEIDELBERG AG became a shareholder, purchasing the block of shares previously held by KLEINEWEFERS.

On the one hand, this change made it possible to continue developing the entire ongoing industrial program and, on the other, to participate in the technological experience and development of a group exposed to the highest demands in terms of technical standards, quality and technology that was thus then applied to the program pursued by KALFRISA.

Facilities for heat treating waste

From 1990 onwards, thanks to the incorporation of these new technologies, facilities for the thermal treatment of waste in integral plants of increasing complexity were undertaken and a specific development began in the treatment and purification of waste gases through the elimination of volatile organic compounds (VOC's).

Designing and manufacturing of new apparatus for cremations broached

Likewise, the design and manufacture of new specialised items for the cremation of human remains began. There are currently over 500 systems operating in funeral homes both in Spain and across Europe and the Americas.

Similarly, new items for the cremation of pets and farm animals were designed and marketed, coinciding with the development of the previous equipment.


At the end of 2005, the 53% of the company held by KRAFTANLAGEN HEILDELBER AG was purchased by the founding families of KALFRISA, leaving them in control of 100% of the company. Thus, all the capital was in the hands of Spanish partners.

The company passes into the hands of the founding families of KALFRISA


KALFRISA acquired the incinerator furnace division

In February 2009, KALFRISA acquired the incinerator furnaces division of the Catalan company SAUNIER DUVAL SETRI ESPAÑOLA SA, strengthening and expanding its presence and leadership in this field.


Since 2015, KALFRISA POLSKA has been working on cornering the Polish market, with very positive results in the various business lines present in the KALFRISA product catalogue.




Continuing its policy of international expansion, in 2022 KALFRISA acquired a major stake in CABIESES SA from Lima (Peru), a company specialising in heat treatment furnaces and the automation of industrial equipment, with the stated aim of providing industrial and commercial support across various Latin American countries.

In support of all the activity undertaken in the Indo-Asian area, the same year saw the first steps taken to establish a presence through its own company in India, for which purpose KALFRISA INDIA LTD was created.

Currently, KALFRISA has 3 fully equipped warehouses in Zaragoza (Spain) for its production process, totalling 7,610 square metres for manufacturing and 2,010 square metres for offices.