The cremation of human bodies and pets constitutes a consolidated alternative to burial.

Kalfrisa has developed crematorium furnaces of proven efficacy and profitability, which are fully automated and which respect environmental regulations in effect.

The process of cremation consists of reducing the organic remains of the deceased through the application of high temperatures in a cremation furnace suitable for doing so.

Kalfrisa cremation furnaces are the result of over 30 years of experience in the sector and guarantee conditions of the greatest hygiene, safety and control throughout the process.

The devices are forced to emit completely oxidated gases to the atmosphere through a continuous process of post-combustion, guaranteeing a completely transparent and odourless emission.

Kalfrisa offers you a comprehensive technical assistance and support service, continuous maintenance service and remote assistance for all our furnaces.



Kalfrisa helps to develop projects directly with the owner or related entities such as:

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Private funeral homes
  • Funeral home business groups
  • Engineering specialised in environment projects
  • Builders and architecture studios
  • Public entities, city councils, governmental departments, etc.

We will help you from when the need to install an cremation furnace arises to the training of your operators once it is installed and put into operation, and during its whole lifespan.

Funeral home – KM range

Over 30 years in the sector has allowed us to develop a complete range of cremation furnaces and accessories that will adapt to your needs, fulfilling high quality standards and the strictest levels of safety and control.

Pets – KT range

Pet funeral homes and crematoriums have undergone a strong development in recent years, in both quality of service and technologies applied. Our over 50 years of experience in the industrial and farming sectors allow us to offer a very robust and consolidated product line.

Chemical purification with sleeve filter

At Kalfrisa we are aware of local regulations and their evolution, and were therefore pioneers in the development of our own gas purification system and are currently the only provider that designs and manufactures all necessary elements of the process.


Funeral Home Cremation Furnaces


Cremation Furnaces for Pets