Gas purification system


Dry system with sleeve filter

Kalfrisa is the only national manufacturer that designs, produces, installs and maintains all elements that make up a full Cremation Furnace system with gas chemical purification system.

To carry out this process it is necessary to extract the gases from the original output of the furnace, maintaining it as an emergency chimney.

The temperature of these gases exceeds 800ºC, therefore it is necessary to cool them through an air – air exchanger which reduces the temperature to 250º.

A chemical reagent is added to the flow of cooled gases to neutralise contaminants. The chemical elements and solid particles of contaminants suspended in the gases are retained in the filter system.

The waste generated in the sleeve filter is easily recoverable and disposed of by an authorised manager.

A tail fan generates the depression necessary for the gases to flow throughout the system and end up released through the final chimney which expels the purified gas at under 200ºC.