Start-up heaters

Compact Heaters


Start-up heaters keep catalyst beds above their self-ignition temperature and provide flexibility to a facility, which can not only operate with different variations of  SO2 concentrations, but also preheat much quicker.



  • Design and manufacture of new equipment according to each client requirements.
  • Damaged preheater components repairs or old equipments renewals to enhance their performance.
  • Assessment and advice to provide an integral solution which best satisfy each client requierments.


  • Design, manufacture and inspections carried out at our facilities in Zaragoza.
  • Possible modular designs of casing, refractory and piping system.
  • Pressure recuperators design in accordance with AD-2000-Merkblatt code.
  • Flanges and counterflanges in accordance with ASME code.
  • Full availability for on-site monitoring.
  • Remote control predictive maintenance.
  • 24 hour remote assistance.
Fields of application
  • Aluminium foundries
  • H2SO4 production plant
  • Preheating of plants with self-heating needs

Criteria for use

  • Large thermal gap for very high flows
  • Flexibility of operation. Capacity for rapid preheating.
  • Capacity for heating air up to 500ºC – 600ºC.
  • Capacity for incorporating heat exchangers to improve efficiency and work continuously.
  • Device takes up a very small area thanks to its vertical installation.