Debate on industrial decarbonization


Our colleague Miguel Gil, R&D Director, has participated in the last few days in two events directly related to Industrial Decarbonization.

On Monday, February 26, at the Chamber of Commerce, we attended the event “as long as a ham lasts” on the experiences of decarbonization in industry and mobility.

The session began with a technical part, in which the three areas of decarbonization project management that companies should take into consideration were discussed:

  • Administration: by Mar Paños (General Director of Industrial Promotion and Innovation of the Government of Aragon).
  • Financing by María Teresa Ruiz Costal (Head of European Funds and Sustainability in Corporate Banking at Ibercaja Banco) and solution providers, by Miguel Ángel Almalé (Regional Delegate of Siemens in Aragón). Miguel Ángel Almalé (Regional Delegate of Siemens in Aragón).

And it continued with testimonials from Grupo Avanza and IQE, who shared their cases of electrification and decarbonization, respectively.

In Kalfrisa, we had the opportunity to share our experiences with the rest of the participating companies, in a very involved environment with the great challenge of decarbonization of the industry.

A few days later, on Monday, March 4, on Ana Clavero’s Diario Económico (Aragón Radio), Miguel explained how KALFRISA S.A.U. is facing the enormous challenge of industrial decarbonization, transforming our equipment by means of electrical technologies and gases obtained from renewable sources.

A very interesting round table discussion in which we participated together with Pedro Ruiz Juste from IQE Group who explained perfectly the uncertainties and vision of an industry as powerful as the chemical industry and with Miguel Ángel Almalé with Siemens solutions for this transition.

You can listen to the full debate here.