Installation of 450m2 of photovoltaic panels

Kalfrisa will cover 70% of its electricity consumption with its own renewable energy. We are thus joining the commitment to green energies.

Kalfrisa has installed photovoltaic modules in its 2 production centers, located in the Malpica Industrial Park, which extend over an area of 450 square meters with an installed power of 75 kW, so that the center, has the capacity to develop 132.132,000 kW of photovoltaic energy; In addition to this direct use of electrical energy, all the losses due to electrical transport from the large production centers and individual autotransformer equipment are avoided, so that the benefit for the environment is much greater.

Electric consumption, renewable energy, photovoltaic panels
Electric consumption, renewable energy, photovoltaic panels

Consumption and production are carried out during the daytime, and this energy is used both for production phases in the factory and for air conditioning, which already has aerothermal systems and a low-temperature distribution system.

There is no doubt that renewable energies are here to stay; And, among clean energies, solar energy stands out. In the last ten years, photovoltaic systems have become part of the street furniture To an equal extent, private households and the business sector are committed to the use of this energy.

Kalfrisadedicated to the design, manufacture, supply, assembly and maintenance of installations dedicated to gas purification, waste recovery, cremation with heat recovery and drying processes, is committed to caring for the environment. In line with its green approach, it has recently installation of 450m2 of photovoltaic panels. This facility harnesses solar energy to generate clean electricity and reduce dependence on non-renewable energy sources. Photovoltaic panels are an efficient and sustainable solution that contributes to minimising the ecological footprint and combating climate change.

Companies must do everything possible to minimize their ecological footprint. The fight against climate change begins with environmental awareness, concern for the ecological future of our country and our planet. The installation of 450m2 of photovoltaic panels is a clear example of Kalfrisa’s commitment to solar energy and its commitment to sustainability.