RTO for odor elimination


Installation of a Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer RTO for odor elimination

Some industrial processes emit odorous particles, which makes the emission of odors absolutely unavoidable.

The industries that suffer from this type of emissions have traditionally been established in isolated areas and far from population centers.

When the company has been established for many years on the same site, the objective of the project is the effective elimination of odors with the installation of a Regenerative Thermal Oxidation (RTO) plant.RTO).

The success of the project has been the implementation of a regenerative thermal oxidation treatment plant (RTO).RTO) fully integrated with the manufacturing processes, with the production plant and with the other existing treatment systems.

The challenge was therefore to define and implement a robust, integrated and effective solution capable of permanently reducing odor emissions under different operating conditions.

kalfrisa-rto-oxidador-termico-regenerativo-eliminación-de-olores-energia-y-medio-ambiente (kalfrisa-rto-oxidador-termico-regenerativo-eliminación-de-olores-energia-y-medio-ambiente)