Installation of an RTO in Aveiro Portugal


Kalfrisa continues its commitment to environmental protection and energy efficiency.

The installation and commissioning of a VOC removal system was recently completed at the COATED SOLUTIONS located in Aveiro, Portugal.

Coated Solutions is an international steel coil producer specialized in pickling, cold rolling, galvanizing and high quality pre-painting, with several industrial plants in Spain and Portugal.


This installation is a further step in the successful collaboration with Coated Solutions, with whom similar projects involving gaseous emissions treatment and energy recovery systems have been carried out in the past by Kalfrisa. The installed equipment has a treatment capacity of 45,000 Nm3/h and incorporates a heat recovery system that allows the energy generated in the gas oxidation process to be used in the production process. In this way, by achieving a dual objective, firstly, to comply with European regulations on emissions of volatile organic compounds and, secondly, to generate energy that is used in the form of hot air in the customer’s furnaces, production costs can be optimized.