Kalfrisa receives the CLENAR 2023 award for innovation for its E-RTO project

Kalfrisa recibe el premio CLENAR 2023 a la innovación por su proyecto E-RTO

Last Wednesday, October 18, the II Edition of the Energy Night in Aragon took place in Zaragoza, organized by the Aragon Energy Cluster and in which more than 230 professionals of the sector participated.

The Aragon Cluster awarded its CLENAR prizes during this gala. Awards that serve as recognition for innovation, leadership and commitment to sustainability in areas such as energy efficiency, renewable energies, sustainable mobility and intelligent energy management. Three prizes were awarded in the following categories: innovation, energy savings and efficiency, and best practices.

The protagonists and winners of the night were: Levitec(recognition for their professional trajectory), Kalfrisa (innovation award), Seguas(award for energy savings and efficiency), the Circe Foundation (for best practices) and Juan Miguel Pastor (academic award).

This year, Kalfrisa, as a company that offers technological and innovative solutions for energy saving and environmental protection, received the CLENAR 2023 award for innovation thanks to its E-RTO project. The purpose of this award is to recognize research and technological innovation projects in the energy field that contribute to meeting decarbonization objectives, always within the framework of the energy transition, as is the case of this new project.



E-RTO, is a project of electrification and digitalization of the thermal oxidizer (RTO) for the decarbonization of the industry whose main objective is to improve the sustainability of the RTO, optimize and automate its process and operation.

Currently, Kalfrisa’s project is the most efficient and sustainable in the market, because it has gone from consuming fossil fuels dependent on external energy and emitting greenhouse gases to operating on the basis of renewable energy generated in the territory. The sustainability of the equipment is enhanced by better regulation and control of the equipment.

Here are some photos of the event: