Kalfrisa supplies heat recovery unit that has been installed at ArcelorMittal Vega, Brazil.


DREVER International, belonging to SMS Group, has relied on Kalfrisa for the supply of the Heat Recovery Unit for the latest combined continuous annealing and galvanizing line they have installed in ArcelorMittal Vega, Brasilien.

Along with reheating furnaces for hot rolling mills, process and treatment lines are another of the many applications in which Kalfrisa supplies these energy recovery systems. The objective is to take advantage of the outgoing heat from the furnace to preheat the combustion air of the burners to temperatures above 570ºC and thus achieve fuel savings of up to 30% in addition to an ROI of our equipment of a few months.

In this way, we continue with our mission to collaborate with the main engineering companies in the steel sector to achieve the greatest possible efficiencies in their processes and thus reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The steel industry is one of the industries with the greatest impact on the planet and only together can we work to make it a cleaner and more sustainable one.