Kalfrisa partner in the 2nd edition of “La Noche de la Energía”.

The second edition of the Energy Night in Zaragoza, organized by the Aragon Energy Cluster, will be held on October 18. Energy Cluster in Aragon and with the sponsorship and collaboration of several companies including Kalfrisa.

It will be a socio-professional meeting in which the most outstanding initiatives of the year will be recognized, and the winners of the CLENAR awards will also be announced.

The CLENAR Awards are an initiative of the Aragon Energy Cluster that recognize innovation, leadership and commitment to sustainability in areas such as energy efficiency, renewable energies, sustainable mobility and intelligent energy management.

There are three categories:

Innovation Award: awarded to research and technological innovation projects in the energy field, which, within the framework of the energy transition, contribute to meeting the decarbonization objectives.

Energy Saving and Efficiency Award: awarded to projects committed to improving energy efficiency and environmental sustainability.

Good Practices AwardThe project is awarded to projects that generate an opportunity to improve the entire value chain of the industry and generate new business niches by strengthening technological development in the search for new solutions for decarbonization and energy transition, which also allows an enormous contribution of value to the Autonomous Community of Aragon.

These awards recognize the work and trajectory of companies and organizations in the energy sector that help to improve the economy of Aragon, either through their involvement in projects or through their participation in the development of new projects, R&D&ithe company’s activities are characterized by their sustainability or the business excellence with which they carry out their activities.