Manufacturer of heat treatment furnaces for steel parts;


Cabieses SAC has invested years of research to improve the performance of industrial furnaces; in particular, heat treatment furnaces, which operate at temperatures up to 1,100 ° C.

Heat treatment furnaces are subject to severe thermal stress inside the furnace and to extreme conditions of contamination by the working environment; therefore, the design team, developers and technicians of Cabieses SAC have acquired over the years specific skills and high competences. The most important companies in the iron and steel – metallurgical sector, which place their trust in our company, are the best testimonials of the quality of customer service, commitment and level of innovation that we offer today.

Cabieses SAC designs, manufactures and installs industrial furnaces adapted to customer requirements. Our heat treatment furnaces achieve the homogeneity necessary to achieve the desired characteristics of the steel in order to improve its physical properties.

Cabieses SAC announces the contract, with a major company in the national market, for the acquisition of three heat treatment furnaces for steel parts. With a capacity of 34.58 m3 and thermal power of 2,400 kW. These furnaces will be natural gas fired, will be equipped with high speed burners and will have an automated control system to meet the demanding requirements of temperature homogeneity, in addition to maintaining the elements of safety, efficiency and proper record keeping during the heat treatment process. The design of these furnaces will be entirely made in Peru, using components imported from Italy, the United States, Spain and China.

Like Kalfrisa we have provided a very important support to strengthen the confidence that our client already had with CABIESES SAC.