The Industrial Decarbonization PERTE


The Industrial Decarbonization PERTE: an opportunity to improve the competitiveness of the industry.

Spanish industry is a key element for the proper functioning of our economy thanks to its strategic nature, its impact on job creation and its contagious effect on other sectors. But manufacturing processes are energy-intensive, and many of them still rely on fossil-based energy, so their decarbonization is essential to achieve the goal of climate neutrality by 2050.

According to the European Commission, the next five years will be decisive in establishing the main conditions that both European and Spanish industry need to move towards a competitive, digitized and climate-neutral industry.

In this regard, the PERTE for Industrial Decarbonization presents an opportunity for the Spanish manufacturing industry to meet the challenges it faces by introducing a series of objectives: decarbonizing production processes, improving the efficiency, improve efficiency, improve competitiveness of the manufacturing sector, promote Spain’s energy security, encourage the use of renewable energies, promote environmental protection and create high value-added employment.

The first call to be published has a budget of 500 million euros in non-repayable grants and 500 million euros in financing and presents a unique opportunity for manufacturing companies in our country. An opportunity to continue advancing on the road to decarbonization, a vital aspect for improving the competitiveness of the industry, which will lead to a leading position in the industrial sector in Europe.

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