Anniversary Cabieses SAC


At the beginning of July, we celebrated with José Antonio Cabieses the 15th anniversary of the birth of Cabieses SAC.

Since its inception, its policy has focused on promoting its own technology. Entrepreneurship, the commitment to human capital formation, the application of technological resources based on innovation and the continuous improvement of productivity, have allowed progress to be made towards sustained but continuous development. Today, Cabieses is developing a highly advanced proprietary technology for heat treatment furnaces. Its strategy is based on operating with machinery of its own design and others acquired that allow it to stand out from its competitors in metal-mechanical processes, refractory installations, refractory cement moulding, ceramic fibre installations, etc.

Two years ago, Kalfrisa became a shareholder of the company. Through this equity entry, part of the cremation equipment manufacturing Kalfrisa for the funeral sector in Latin America is carried out in the facilities located in Peru, Lima. Our Latin American customers have a local after-sales technical service with a group of professionals with specific training for maintenance operations and with the support of our headquarters in Zaragoza.

Our congratulations to Cabieses SAC for their 15th anniversary and our thanks for giving us the opportunity to participate in this celebration and meet all the people who are part of a company that is the leading manufacturer of industrial ovens in Peru.