Energy and environment

Energía y medioambiente

60 years ago Kalfrisa: Energy and Environment was born. These words govern our day-to-day life in European policies, the media and the strategic plans of major multinationals. However, in the 1970s, when the oil crisis dominated the news, it was a visionary gamble. Energy and environment as an SME slogan denotes a sector of activity. Applied to the industrial sector, it denotes a spirit of commitment. Of course, commitment to the industry to improve the efficiency of its production process and reduce its energy costs, but also commitment to minimize its environmental impact.

In the 1970s, this spirit was translated into increased energy efficiency by valorizing heat recovery in industry. In the following decades, the valorization of waste and the development of “machines” for the elimination of polluting gases inherent to certain industrial sectors continued.


In the 21st century, the way forward is the decarbonization of industrial processes. The company focuses decarbonization on minimal, responsible and renewable energy consumption. The current reality of many industrial processes is based on using gas, oil and some coal as feedstock or fuel. All of them are fossil fuels chemically based on the chemical element to be de-utilized: carbon.

Kalfrisa develops and adapts its furnaces, recuperators, thermal oxidizers, dryers and heaters to face this change in the energy model, betting on electrification and the use of hydrogen as energy vectors for the transformation of high temperature thermal processes in industry.

It is a long and complicated path, whose challenge can only be approached through collaboration with suppliers, customers and public bodies. The challenge, destiny and commitment to our current and future industry and society demand it.

Interview by elEconomista, here.