Kalfrisa renovate and doubles the capacity of the Municipal Cemetery of San José in Pamplona

The San José Municipal Cemetery is located in the Spanish city of Pamplona (Navarra).

It was built in 1808 and is located in an area of the Navarrese capital known as Berichitos.

It has undergone successive extensions and renovations since the first one in 1864. Approximately 17,000 niches, 2,000 columbaria, 5,000 earthen graves and 3,500 pantheons are located in the cemetery.

The Crematorium is located in a new building erected a few metres from the main gate of the cemetery, in the part closest to the river Arga.

The first crematorium was installed in Pamplona in the summer of 2000. The good acceptance and the constant increase of cremations led the municipality to buy a second furnace which started operating in February 2005. In these years, the number of cremations has increased from 27% to 80%. Kalfrisa installed both furnaces of the X5/2 model, which have been in service for more than 20 years.


The municipal cemetery of San José now has two new crematoriums. The older one was replaced in March 2022 and a year later, the second one was replaced.

These are two Kalfrisa KM1 and KM2 models, respectively, which can each perform up to seven cremations per 12-hour working day, which has almost doubled the capacity.

Kalfrisa helped the construction company awarded the contract to plan the works. This collaboration was essential for the correct execution of a complex civil works project, which involved keeping the facilities and services operational.

Removal of old equipment, installation and commissioning. Of course, training was included for the operators appointed by the City Council to retrain and adapt to the new control system and remote technical support services.

Pamplona City Council continues to trust Kalfrisa for the maintenance of the installation by contracting the official preventive maintenance service.