New pet crematory oven in the province of Alava


It is the new Pet Crematorium Agur, which will soon serve the province of Alava; Promoted by Natalia and Mariano with the aim of providing a quality service, close and honest from the Vasca capital.

His love for animals and entrepreneurial vocation have made this a special project in which Kalfrisa has tried to help from the beginning; The project, permits and licenses have cost a little more than desired, but this has only strengthened the spirit of this company.

Located in the industrial area of Ariñez, it has a beautiful reception area illuminated by a ventilated facade that welcomes customers and leads them to a sailing room surrounded by natural motifs that make this moment a special experience to share with your pet.

Agur, pet crematory oven, kalfrisa, crematory ovens, crematory ovens
Agur, pet crematory oven, kalfrisa, crematory ovens, crematory ovens

The cremation furnace model Kalfrisa KT-750 with a volume to hold 140kg and with a cremation capacity of 50kg/h is arranged in a garage area duly designed according to regulations and safety requirements. A functional and clean space that can be seen through a window arranged in the sail room to see the animal off.

This installation reaffirms a trend in the pet sector that has been repeated and will be replicated in new openings throughout Spain. It is a funeral service with all the emotional and respectful burden of the loss of a family member.

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